If we expose to the sun in summer, our skin can easily get sunburn by ultraviolet. so people often apply sunscreen on the skin when going out to avoid skin injured from the sun. In past years, health experts hold views that applying sunscreen with high sun protection factor(SPF) is the best method against sun damage. However, the views may be wrong according to some research.

Recently, a study by FDA reveals a fact that the chemicals against UV in sunscreens will soak into your blood within few hours, and the study was published in Journal of the American Medical Association(JAMA). The study’s findings raise a new concern about whether sunscreen is harmful to our body. However, sunscreens are not all chemical-based, some kind sunscreens are all-natural and no chemical in its ingredients, like CICA madecassoside, sea buckthorn fruit oil.

In recent years natural herb extracts are applied in more and more fields especially in cosmetics. A new skincare formula named CICA(full name centella asiatica) appear in cosmetic. It is quickly becaming a favorite formula in makeup because of its robust effect and natural herb in skin care, it has healthy effect on skin care, including wound healing, skin whiten, sunburn repairing.

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