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Luck Herb Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Luckherb”), boasting over a decade of establishment, stands as a premier natural plant extract manufacturer and exporter. Our expertise lies in the meticulous development, production, and distribution of herbal extracts and essential oils. Among our flagship offerings are premium-grade sea buckthorn oils, Centella Asiatica extracts, reishi spore oil, arbutin, and aloe gel powder. Additionally, we pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate closely with partners, providing tailored solutions to meet their specific needs through the provision of customized natural raw ingredients.

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LuckHerb is situated in Shanghai, an enchanting city renowned for its seamless access to water, land, and air transportation. With a dedicated team of over 50 employees, our company operates within a sprawling plant spanning 500 square meters. Annually, we boast a production capacity of approximately 10 tons of herbal extracts, prized for their versatile applications across pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutraceutical, food, and beverage industries. Our meticulously crafted natural skincare ingredients are widely sought after for their efficacy in skin whitening, repairing, moisturizing, and anti-aging properties, finding extensive exportation for creams and gel products. Drawing from our extensive data, our herb extract products predominantly grace markets in America, Australia, France, South Korea, and various other countries.

At Luckherb, our team remains steadfast in our commitment to advancing manufacturing technology, exemplified by the integration of state-of-the-art Subcritical fluid extraction technology into our extract processes. Through the utilization of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extraction, our natural herbal ingredients are devoid of any solvent residue, showcasing our company’s formidable technical prowess. Concurrently, stringent emphasis is placed on product quality management, ensuring the utilization of natural raw materials, adherence to rigorous production protocols, and implementation of standardized testing methodologies such as HPLC and UV analysis. These endeavors have culminated in the attainment of ISO9001 and GMP certifications.

Driven by the belief that “Natural Herb Ingredients: A Superior Pathway to Human Well-being.” we uphold the principles of offering competitive prices, delivering premium-quality products, and providing exemplary after-sales service. With a vision to collaborate with more partners in crafting exceptional health-enhancing solutions, we extend a warm invitation to potential collaborators to reach out and join us in this noble endeavor.

Quality Control

For Luck Herb, quality is critical. We do stringent quality control in the process of separating ingredients from raw herbs, including natural raw herb materials checking, manufacturing processes evaluating, and strict testing. For raw herbs quality control, first, [...]

Vision & Mission

Luck Herb is dedicated to providing our customers with premium natural plant extract ingredients. We firmly believe that natural nutrition is paramount for human health, and thus, we exert our utmost effort in isolating active compositions from natural plants. [...]

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