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Bulk TECA Extract Powder Manufacturer in China

TECA Properties

Product Name Titrated extract of Centella asiatica(TECA)
Alias Name Gotu Kola, Hydrocotyle asiatica
Active Ingredient Asiaticoside
Triterpenic Genins (including Madecassic and Asiatic acid)
Specification Total 95%
Asiaticoside 37%
Free Genins 58%
Appearance White powder
Part Used Centella asiatica leaf
Origin GuangXi,China

TECA Introduction

What is TECA?

Titrated extract of Centella Asiatica(TECA) is the extract from Gotu Kola herb, a reconstructed mixture of Asiaticoside and Triterpenic Genins (including Madecassic and Asiatic acid), and the two ingredients proportion about 40% and 60% to reach healthy effect according to study. TECA is being widely used in Europe as a wound healing drug, and it also does help in skin smoothing,  stretch marks preventing, antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory.

TECA and wound healing

When our skin gets injured, the body will active activates a series of mechanisms to repair the wound, The healing process is divided into four stages: hemostasis, inflammation, tissue growth (proliferation), and tissue remodeling.

Studies show that the main ingredients in TECA, including Asiaticoside, triterpene saponin, can promote wound healing by stimulating Collagens synthesis and fibroblast proliferation. Since collagens type, I and III are the major components in the skin, it plays a primary role in wound repair. Reports have proven that TECA can increase the collagen ratio by more than 20%.

Furthermore, TECA can help in killing the free radicals, which were reported as harmful paired electrons that can damage cells, proteins, and DNA and accelerate cellular aging.

TECA cosmetics application

TECA is a perfect extract of Centella Asiatica and can help in skincare such as restoring skin, repairing skin damage, and skin smoothing. But how do TECA used in cosmetics? TECA is slightly dissolved in water and may not be very stable in liquid. We can solve it through the following.

Using Nano liposome technology such as micro-fluidizer, and make TECA particles be smaller, so TECA components applicable stability to increase dramatically. Meanwhile, the smaller particles can be more easily absorbed by the skin.

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