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Lumbrokinase Powder Properties

Product Name Lumbrokinase Powder
Alias Name earthworm extract
Specification 2500 u/mg, 10000 u/mg, 20000 u/mg
Appearance light brown powder
Source Earthworm
Package 1 kg/bag or 25 kg/drum

Lumbrokinase Powder Introduction

For cardiovascular health and blood clot prevention, lumbrokinase is one of the fastest-growing Chinese herbal extracts on the market and has excellent benefits for problems associated with red blood cells. This enzyme has been studied clinically for over ten years with profound effects on human blood cells. Lumbrokinase is a fibrinolytic enzyme that comes from the earthworm Lumbricus bimastus. Fibrinolytic enzymes are made explicitly to break down clotting in the blood and promote healthy heart, blood, and lung levels. This is considered an antithrombotic agent and has tons of various benefits. It is also one of the only thoroughly researched oral extract enzymes on the market.

What is Lumbrokinase Powder?

Lumbrokinase is a group of highly stable fibrinolytic enzymes that helps to facilitate healthier blood levels and prevent clotting. These fibrinolytic enzymes have been derived and studied in China for hundreds of years. They are derived initially from the Earthworm enzymes. Although this enzyme primarily comes from earthworms, it can go by many other labels, including Earthworm Protein Extract, Lumbricus rubellus Extract, Boluoke, and Lumbrokinase.

Lumbrokinase has a more potent enzyme preparation than others, such as nattokinase–a Japanese oral enzyme used for speeding up processes in the body. One of the advantages of lumbrokinase is that it does not interfere with the clotting cascade but instead works by reducing fibrin which can cause clotting. This enzyme also does not affect INR or aPTT (measurements used to investigate and monitor coagulation in the blood). This means it is safe and compatible with common clotting medications such as heparin.

The chemical identifier or CAS of Lumbrokinase is 556743-18. It is a soluble enzyme and can be dissolved in its natural powder structure in saline for three days. It has a molecular weight of 34.2 kDa.

Lumbrokinase Sources

To many people’s surprise, one of the most potent sources of this fibrinolytic enzyme is found in earthworms. Earthworms, also called Earth Dragons in China, have been used in Eastern Asian medicine for centuries to promote healthy blood clotting levels. Species that offer plentiful supplies of lumbrokinase include lumbricus rubellus, Eisenia fetida, and lumbricus bimastus. Lumbrokinase has been published in medical texts dating back to pre-modern research. The first publication and discussion of this enzyme were found in Ben Cao Gang Mu (A compendium of Chinese Animal and Botanical Products). The meeting of the benefits of this isolate prompted modern Chinese and Japanese researchers to explore this further. It was first officially extracted and isolated in 1983 by Dr. Hisashi Mihara. Since then, it has been deeply studied in clinical research using animals and in-vitro samples.

Lumbrokinase forms and specifications

This is often found in an EarthWorm Powder Enzyme formula. Expect to see these in various quantities determined by 300,000, 400,000, and 600,000 IU of Lumbrokinase in different formulated powders. Standard package sizing comes in 1 kg bags (often for personal use) or 25kg drums for bulk orders. This product is FDA-approved with clinical research backing and is safely shipped by air or sea through DHL, FedEx, and UPS.

Lumbrokinase Enzymes

Lumbrokinase is a combo of six fibrotic enzyme bio-compounds sourced from earthworms.

Primary Fibrinolysis is a naturally occurring process that breaks down clotting in the blood. When these are broken down properly, they can be quickly processed out of the body through the liver and kidneys. Secondary fibrinolysis is when this process is caused by a medication, food, or supplement–which is where lumbrokinase comes into play a role.

Lumbrokinase vs. Nattokinase

Nattokinase is another Asiatic enzyme and herb that speeds up various processes in the body. It is similar to lumbrokinase in that it acts as a catalytic enzyme for breaking things down in the body. This is another isolate that has been used for centuries in Japanese medicine. It is derived by boiling sea beans and isolating bacteria that come from the fermentation of this product. Nattokinase is soluble, with a molecular formula of C20H23BCI2N2O9 and CAS identification of 133876-92-3.

Both have their benefits in treating blood clotting and cardiovascular problems. Many research points to lumbrokinase being a more potent enzyme in this process. It is also important to note that lumbrokinase does not interfere with the clotting action but reduces fibrinogen.

Lumbrokinase vs. Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase is another ingredient similar to lumbrokinase, except it is extracted and isolated endobacterium enzymes from the silkworm. Serrapeptase has the same general mechanisms as lumbrokinase, but it is used much more for its high anti-inflammatory properties rather than total prevention of clotting. While it does help to promote good circulation, it is not necessarily used as an anti-clotting as much. Its chemical name goes by Serratia Peptidase with a CAS identification number of 70851-98-8 and molecular weight of 40-60 kDa.

Lumbrokinase vs. Aspirin

Aspirin is a common anti-inflammatory drug found among many global drugstores. This has the same effects of helping to thin the blood and prevent clotting. Many users take this for other health concerns, including headaches, cramping, and muscle aches. Unfortunately, not everyone can take aspirin, and lumbrokinase is a great alternative for this drug as it provides the same anti-coagulation effects as aspirin.

How does Lumbrokinase work

Lumbrokinase is a fascinating enzyme that breaks down biofilms and decreases hypercoagulation. Lumbrokinase breaks down the fibrotic cells, which make up this biofilm that sticks to arteries and blood platelet cells. This earthworm enzyme also helps build strong platelet cells that break down protein by converting plasminogen to plasmin by increasing t-PA activity. This activity, known officially as Tissue Plasminogen Activator, is the process that breaks down blood clots.

Lumbrokinase Manufacturing Process

Lumbrokinase is extracted and isolated from the earthworm, and the enzyme is often ground into a powder. It is essential that the enzyme is extracted as simply grinding up the earthworms can cause toxic health effects. Raw materials are the Earthworm Enzyme powder in 20 mg capsules.

Lumbrokinase Benefits

Improves blood circulation

As lumbrokinase is a natural blood thinner, this helps promote healthier and easier circulation by enabling the creation of plasmin, which directly influences the circulatory system.

Defend against blood clots

Along with thinning the blood and improving general circulation as described above, Lumbrokinase has clinical research of being an antithrombotic agent and anti-coagulation, which is the process of clotting. Blood clots can lead to heart attacks, leg ulcers, and strokes.

Supports Cognitive and Cardiovascular Health

Clotting in the blood has severe health consequences, such as heart problems in the cardiovascular system or decreased cognitive function, and the risk of stroke in the brain. With Lumbrokinase, keep the blood as thin and clean as possible for healthy circulation, naturally promoting healthy brain flow to the brain and heart.

It helps to maintain healthier blood and decrease blood viscosity significantly.*

Blood viscosity is the overall thickening of our blood and is the foundation of clotting, cardiovascular problems, and more. There is significant clinical research continuing to come out for over a decade now that shows the effects of lumbrokinase for its anti-hyperviscosity properties.

Lumbrokinase side effects

Although clinically safe, there are always potential side effects to be mindful of in one of China’s most extensive clinical trials of over 1,560 patients from 16 different hospitals. The overall reaction rate to side effects was about 1.92% (30 cases). Of these side effects, 0.58% had skin itching, while almost 1.15 % of them had nausea or diarrhea. There were no hemorrhaging or severe side effects reported.

Lumbrokinase dosage

For clotting disorders and the breakdown of biofilms, a recommended dose is 1 20 mg dose 2-3 times a day. Of course, one should always consult their doctor first, especially if already on anti-clotting medications. It is also recommended to avoid food, other supplements, or medications an hour before and after taking this enzyme. Be mindful when beginning this supplement, as although it has excellent benefits, it can cause potential side effects.

Where to buy bulk Lumbrokinase powder

With the growing popularity in Western Medicine for Lumbrokinase powder, it is vital to make sure the quality and safety are up to standards when purchasing this product. LuckHerb is a wholesale manufacturer out of Shanghai, China looking to provide the most trustworthy bio extracts and inform and educate consumers. We specialize in various herbal oils and extracts that have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Other products available on our website include Sea Buckthorn Oil, Gotu Kola, and Reishi Mushroom.

​​Luck Herb has been producing safe and high-quality extracts for over ten years. Our company prides itself in being a natural herb supplier and specifically producing great raw bulk powders such as Lumbrokinase, Centella Asiatica Madecassic acid powder, and sea buckthorn oil. Our passion for natural supplements allows us to create safe products free from chemicals and artificial toxins.

Our Superficial CO2 fluid extraction process highly controls our product quality. This process allows us to attain compounds without leftover residue or solvents. All of our extracts are third-party tested. We even offer tested and available samples to try out for free yourself. Our high standards and expectations for products have helped us grow with our consumer base over the past decade. Explore LuckHerb today for only the safest and highest quality Chinese herbal extracts.

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