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Luck Herb Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a leading supplier and manufacturer specializing in natural plant extracts, dedicated to the research, development, and production of top-quality herbal extracts, essential oils, and food supplements. Our products at Luckherb serve as essential raw materials, catering to a wide array of industries including Medicine, Cosmetics, Health Supplements, Beverages, and Food Additives. Central to our offerings is a diverse range of products derived from natural herbs, such as sea buckthorn berry oil, sea buckthorn seed oil, Gotu kola extract, arbutin, and aloe gel powder.

At Luck Herb, our primary focus lies in crafting top-tier herbal extracts and ingredients. Simultaneously, our dedication to innovation shines through our state-of-the-art Research and Development Center established in Shanghai since 2015. Armed with cutting-edge technology and supported by exceptional research teams, this facility consistently pushes the boundaries of herbal extraction technology, guaranteeing unparalleled excellence in our products.

Sea Buckthorn Extracts

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Gotu Kola Extracts

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Reishi Mushroom Extracts

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Ginseng Extracts

Natural Sweetener Mogrosides

Natural Sweetener Mogrosides 

Monk Fruit Extract, an innovative and all-natural alternative to traditional sweeteners, provides zero calories and does not affect blood glucose levels.
LuckHerb’s Monk Fruit Extract is carefully sourced and processed to preserve its potent sweetness, health-promoting attributes and is rich in mogrosides, For wholesale pricing, place a bulk order, or to explore how our Monk Fruit Extract can revolutionize your product line, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Gotu Kola Extract Madecassoside

Madecassoside, a sought-after natural cosmetics ingredient, is a staple in the ingredient lists of top-tier skincare brands. Renowned for its skin-repairing and brightening properties, this compound is often incorporated into skincare creams and gels to enhance skin health and radiance. Luckherb offers this component with high purity specifications, ensuring its efficacy in skincare formulations.

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