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 Sea buckthorn Introduction

Sea buckthorn, also known as Hippophae,  is a deciduous shrub belonging to the Elaeagnaceae family. The tree is commonly 1-5m high and can be more than 10m or even 18m in mountains and valleys. And it has many stouts and straight spines on the terminal or lateral branches that look very dense and stick. The berry of sea buckthorn ripened from July to November according to the variety. Because of its resistance to drought, sand and salinized land are widely used in water and soil conservation. Hippophae is planted extensively in northwest China for desert greening.

Hippophae, another name for sea buckthorn, means making horse shining that comes from a Story. In ancient Greece, Once Spartans won a battle, but more than sixty horses were badly wounded in the battle. The Spartans could not bear to kill their horses and did not want to see their favorite horses die. So they put them into a forest. After a time, they were surprised to find that the horses were not dead but sleek, sleek, and as if they were glittering. After all, Spartan found the horses eating sea buckthorn in the forest.

Also, sea buckthorn has been used as medicine for a long history in Chinese TCM, such as “four medical codes,” “crystal pearl herbs,” “Yue Wang Yao Zhen,” and “compendium of materia medica”  having a detailed record of sea buckthorn medicine.

According to modern research, the Sea buckthorn fruit is rich in nutrition and contains a variety of vitamins, fatty acids, trace elements, linolenic, sea buckthorn flavonoids, superoxide, and various amino acids required by the human body. Among these ingredients, vitamin C is extremely high. For example, in every 100 grams of fruit juice, vitamin C ingredients can achieve 825 to 1100 milligrams, which is 2 to 3 times compared to kiwi.

Luck herb, as an herb extract supplier, has a sea buckthorn berry processing base in Inner Mongolia for its large amounts of sea buckthorn trees in local, with annual processing of sea buckthorn berry of nearly 5,000 tons. Currently, our factory’s sea buckthorn products include sea buckthorn berry oil, sea buckthorn seed oil, Sea buckthorn Puree, and Sea buckthorn Juice Powder.

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