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ginsenosides powder

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Ginsenosides Properties

Product Name Low pesticide ginseng extract ginsenoside
 Other Name Panax ginseng C. A. Mey. , Chinese ginseng
Appearance Brown yellow powder
Active ingredient ginsenosides
Specification 5%-80%
Test Method UV
Part Used ginseng root
Origin Northeast of China

Ginsenosides Powder Introduction

What is ginseng extract?

Ginseng extract is derived from Asia ginseng root by solvent extraction method, and it is a light brown yellow powder that is believed to recover and enhance human health, Moreover the extract powder contain the key component ginsenosides (also called saponins), that play significant role in our body recovery when we taking ginseng extract.

Ginsenosides Introduction



Ginsenosides is an active ingredient extracted by scientists from panax pentaplaceae plants (ginseng, American ginseng, panax notoginseng, etc.) in the 1960s, and they have a similar four ring structure. Now scientists have found more than 40 structurally divergent ginsenosides that distilled from Panax Ginseng and widely used in Medicine, including Ginsenoside Rg1(CAS:22427-39-0), Ginsenoside Rg2(CAS:52286-74-5), Ginsenoside Rh1(CAS:63223-86-9), Ginsenoside Rh2(CAS:78214-33-2).

Ginsenosides and anti cancer

A large number of studies have found that ginsenoside has rich anticancer effects after ginsenosides being extracted from panax ginseng. Ginsenoside can depress the growth and proliferation of cancer cells, induce apoptosis of cancer cells, resist the formation of tumor angiogenesis, and prevent the invasion and metastasis of cancer cells.

Moreover, some studies found that when ginsenoside is combined with chemoradiotherapy and targeted therapy, the toxic and side effects of chemoradiotherapy and targeted therapy can be significantly reduced, and ginsenoside can also inhibit the resistance of tumors to chemotherapy and targeted drugs, enhance the sensitivity of tumor cells, and thus improve the efficacy.

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