Product Name Honeysuckle extract Chlorogenic acid Powder
Other Name Lonicera japonica
Active Ingredients Chlorogenic acid
CAS No. 327-97-9
Formula C16H18O9
Specification 10%
Appearance Brown powder
Part used Flower
Test Method HPLC
Origin Shaanxi, China
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What is Honeysuckle extract Chlorogenic acid?

Honeysuckles are a perennial herb that arching shrubs or twining vines belonging to the family Caprifoliaceae, and it widely cultivated around the world for use as a medicinal and ornamental herb. For its medical properties in TCM, it may have a series of health benefits, including heat-clearing and detoxicating effect, enhancing immunity, and decreasing blood lipids.

Chlorogenic acid is an ester of caffeic acid and quinic acid, and it the major active compound in Honeysuckle, mainly extracted from the flower of Honeysuckle herb. It also found in other plants such as coffee beans, eggplants, peaches. Structurally, Chlorogenic acid is a cinnamate ester formed by formal condensation of the caffeic acid and the 3-hydroxyl of L-quinic acid.