Product Name Maca Root Extract Powder
Other Name Lepidium meyenii, Peruvian ginseng
Appearance Light brown powder
Active Ingredients Macamides, macaenes
Specification 10:1, 20:1
Test Method TLC
Origin Yunnan, China
MOQ 1 kg
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What is Maca extract powder?

Maca(Lepidium meyenii) is a brassicaceae plant that native to South America, and now is widely cultivated in Yunnan and Xinjiang provinces in China. it is known for its rich nutrients and get an alias name called “Peruvian ginseng”.

Maca powder is extracted from natural maca root through slicing, drying, grinding and sterilization steps. The maca powder is full with nutrients that containing more than 20 active ingredients including alkaloids, macamides, macaenes, glucosinolates, sterol and aminoacidos.

Maca powder and benefits

Maca used as an diet food in ancient Peruvians for more than 3000 years, its energy-boosting and endurance properties found by some indigenous tribes in the andes. In recent years, maca’s medicinal value was gradually verified by humans, and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations(FOA) recommended maca as an nutritious and safe food. So, what does modern research explain the health mechanism of maca plant?

Maca Powder and Impove fertility

Clinical trials show that Maca powder may help increasing fertility for both men and women. Studies suggest that maca play a role in Spermatogenesis stages(VII-VIII and IX-XI) and increase sperm count and motility. In addition, maca also do help in boosting hypothalamus and pituitary function, balancing progesterone and FSH level, enhancing Luteinizing Hormone(LH). So,  Researchers believed maca powder perhaps become a potential effective compounds for men and women infertility.


Maca root powder is a health nutrient and widely applied in food supplement. It can help in on human well-being and sexual performances.

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