Product Name Tomato Extract Lycopene Powder/Softgel
Other Name Solanum lycopersicum
Active Ingredient lycopene
Specification 10%-40%
CAS No 502-65-8
EC No 207-949-1
Appearance dark red powder
Molecular Formula C40H56
Molecular Weight 536.9 g/mol
Origin XinJiang, China
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What is tomato extract lycopene powder?

Tomato, a common editable food, widely cultivated in temperate regions across the world for its savory flavor and multiple nutrients including vitamins, fiber, lycopene, potassium, folate, and other minerals.

Lycopene is a carotenoid hydrocarbon mainly extracted from tomato, it can also obtain from other red fruit, such as watermelons, red oranges, guava, pumpkin. Its chemical structure is shown in the right picture having 11 conjugated double bonds and 2 non-conjugated

lycopene structure

double bonds forming an acyclic ring, not like beta carotene linking to closed ionone ring.

As a nutrient, lycopene is not essential for humans, but it has been shown health benefits against heart, prostate, and other diseases.

Lycopene and health benefits

In our daily diet, there are lots of dishes containing lycopene, such as tomato sauce, tomato, watermelon. and people like to eat these diets for its delicious, but what does it to help to our health? Let’s describe the relating benefits of lycopene in below.

Prostate protection:

The prostate disease has become more concerned for aged men, and lycopene may be considered as a potential treatment for preventing and reducing prostate cancer(PCa). Some studies have shown an inverse association between lycopene and PCa risk, meanwhile, others found null relationship. However, lycopene is an antioxidant nutrient and preventing your body from free radical damage, and some investigation found the lower taking lycopene with more prostate cancer disk. So supplement of low dose lycopene may be suggested for help reducing prostate risk, despite there is no clear evidence about lycopene promoting prostate health.

Lycopene and Antioxidant Properties:

There are numerous natural antioxidant substances from plants and lycopene was believed one of the best for its powerful antioxidant activity. Its biochemical mechanisms of antioxidant may include quenching of singlet oxygen and eliminating free radicals. Some experiments showed that the rate in which lycopene quenching singlet oxygen was about twice that of b-carotene and 100 times that of a-tocopherol.

Other benefits:

  • Heart protection
  • Sunburn
  • Anticancer

Lycopene and Application:

Take into its strong health properties, lycopene has been widely applied in health Supplements and medical products. It can be made into lycopene capsule, Additionally, lycopene is a lipid-soluble substance, applying it with fatty food increases its health benefits.

LuckHerb produce lycopene powder and capsule, extracted from tomatoes which are pollution-free, pesticide-free, non-transgenic, and extraction process using supercritical Co2 extraction technology, so lycopene powder/capsule can retain its main and best biological activity.