Product Name Rosemary Essential Oil
Other Name Salvia rosmarinus, Rosmarinus officinalis
Appearance Colorless to Pale yellow liquid
CAS No 8000-25-7
Active Ingredients rosemarinic acid, carnosic acid
Solubility Slight soluble in water, soluble in alcohol
Part Used Rosemary leaves
Origin China
Storage Store in sealed containers and in cool, dry place with with good ventilation.
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What is rosemary essential oil?

Rosemary oil, a pale yellow oil with woody and sweet odor, was extracted by steam distillation from plant rosemary belonging to the mint family. The herb oil is believed one of the best valuable oil for its common health benefits including improving memory, ease pain, hair protection and skincare.

According to chemical analysis, rosemary oil rich in nutrients with more than 20 potentially active ingredients, including rosemarinic acid(CAS: 20283-92-5), carnosic acid(CAS: 3650-09-7) and other trace elements.

Rosemary essential oil and Health benefits

Rosemary leaves are often used in culinary dishes mixed with lamb, pork, and chicken and bring excellent flavoring. In addition, rosemary is known for its therapeutic ability to treat wind-damp-cold in Traditional Chinese Medicine. So what do modern researches say about the benefits of rosemary oil?

Promote Hair Growth

Modern researches found that people get hair loss sooner than any generations before them. There are many reasons for bald and rogenetic alopecia may be the most common cause of hair loss. Rosemary oil may offer a natural approach to treat this type of baldness. Some studies have found that people with men pattern baldness used rosemary oil for more than 3 months and then saw an apparent increase in hair growth.

Additionally, rosemary oil is natural essential oil and no side effect when applied it on hair.

Improve Skin Conditions

If you find a natural essential oil for skincare, rosemary essential oil may be a good option for maintaining balances within your skin. For oily skin, It helps control oil production and promote circulation then make skin healthier. For acne or eczema, its anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties will improve symptoms of the affected skin. For skin aging, it rich in antioxidant ingredients and give anti-age properties.

Other Uses

  • Stimulate brain and improve memory
  • Alleviate muscle pain
  • Release Stress


Rosemary oil is known for its numerous health benefits and widely applied in cosmetics, health care products. The oil may help improving blood circulation and stimulate hair regrowth, and these properties lead it applied in shampoo, Cream and lotion.

Luck Herb produces rosemary essential oil for many years.