Product Name Stevia Leaf Extract Stevioside Powder
Alias Name Stevia rebaudiana, Stevioside, UNII-0YON5MXJ9P, Steviol glycoside
Active Ingredient Stevioside
Specification 95%-99%
Cas No. 57817-89-7
EC Number 260-975-5
Chemical formula C38H60O18
Molecular Weight 804.9 g/mol
Appearance white powder
Part Used Stevia leaf
Origin Anhui, China
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What is Stevioside Powder?

Stevioside is a steviol glycoside mostly extracted from Stevia leaf, which is mainly responsible for the sweet taste of the plant, and famous in food additives for its low calorie and high sweetness properties.

Stevia rebaudiana, belonging to composite family and stevia perennial herb, is native to Paraguay and Brazil, and now widely planted all over China for extracting to Stevia Stevioside powder, which added to food and beverage as a natural sweetener.